Top 5 Men's Skincare Subscription Boxes

Having the men's skincare subscription makes a man happy and content.

Hey there, folks! Jack Cullum here, and I've got something super exciting to share with you today. Now, I know what you're thinking.

Skincare? That's not really my thing, right? 

Well, let me tell you, my friends, times are changing, and taking care of your skin is no longer just for the ladies.

That's why I'm here to talk to you about men's skincare subscriptions.

When it comes to achieving healthy and vibrant skin, men are no longer willing to settle for average.

That's where skincare and grooming subscription boxes for men come to the rescue.

These curated boxes are revolutionizing the way men approach their skincare routine, making it convenient, personalized, and effective.


Gone are the days of aimlessly wandering through store aisles, overwhelmed by countless products with questionable benefits.

The skincare subscription boxes for men offer a hassle-free solution, delivering carefully selected products straight to your doorstep.

With options like Geologie Complete Skincare, Lumin: The Complete Skincare Solution, skincareformenonly SKINCARE SUBSCRIPTION for men, Tiege Hanley Level 1 Skincare System, and Curology Custom Formula For Acne, there's a subscription box tailored to suit every man's unique needs and preferences.

These subscription boxes go beyond a simple skincare routine; they provide a holistic approach to grooming, boosting confidence, and promoting self-care.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a curated selection of top-quality products, specially designed for men.

It's time to unlock your best skin with the convenience and effectiveness of skincare subscription boxes for men.

1. Geologie Complete Skincare

Tatooed hand of a man picking the Geologie Complete Skincare products.

Geologie Complete Skincare offers a comprehensive solution to meet men's skincare needs.

This skincare system includes a range of products designed to cleanse, moisturize, and rejuvenate the skin, resulting in a healthier and more vibrant complexion.

The Geologie Complete Skincare set features various products, including face washes, a morning cream, a night cream, and a cream for the eye.

These products are carefully formulated to address different aspects of skin care, providing a well-rounded routine.

To use Geologie Complete Skincare, follow the recommended instructions for each product.

Begin by cleansing your face with one of the facewashes to remove impurities and excess oil.

In the morning, apply the morning cream to hydrate and protect your skin throughout the day.

In the evening, use the night cream to nourish and revitalize your skin while you sleep.

Additionally, gently apply the eye cream to target any specific concerns in the delicate eye area.

Geologie Complete Skincare is ideal for men seeking a comprehensive skincare routine that covers multiple aspects of skincare, from cleansing to moisturizing and targeted treatments.

The use cases for this system include maintaining healthy and youthful-looking skin, addressing dryness or signs of aging, and reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Pros of Geologie Complete Skincare include the personalized approach, as the products are tailored to individual skin needs and the range of products that cover various skincare concerns.

The subscription box option allows for ongoing access to these high-quality products, ensuring a consistent supply for your skincare routine.

On the downside, some individuals may find the price point of Geologie Complete Skincare to be higher compared to other options.

Additionally, as with any skincare product, individual results may vary, and it may take time to see noticeable improvements in the skin.

The price for Geologie Complete Skincare varies depending on the monthly subscription box plan chosen.

The one-month supply is available for $45, while the three-month subscription supply costs $144.

The subscription box duration can be customized based on individual preferences, with shipments occurring every one to four months.

With Geologie Complete Skincare, you can enjoy a personalized and comprehensive skincare routine designed specifically for men. You can consider it for the Father's Day gift as well.

Experience the benefits of high-quality products tailored to your skin needs and work towards achieving healthier, more vibrant skin.

2. Lumin: The Complete Skincare Solution

The amazing range of products from Lumin The Complete Skincare Solution.

Lumin has gained significant recognition in the skincare world for its concise and effective approach to men's complexions.

This skincare brand offers curated bundles of two to five products, targeting specific skincare concerns and delivering impressive results.

To use Lumin products, simply follow the instructions provided for each bundle.

Each product is designed to be easy, ensuring a hassle-free skincare routine.

Whether you're combating blemishes, reducing redness, or fighting fatigue, Lumin has you covered.

One of their popular bundles, the Anti-Fatigue Essentials, tackles tired skin and dark circles.

It includes the Moisturizing Balm, Charcoal Cleanser, Exfoliating Rub, and Dark Circle Defense.

These hero products work together to refresh and rejuvenate your skin, leaving you looking revitalized and energized.

Lumin's skincare starter set come with both pros and cons.

On the positive side, their skincare routine is easy to follow, the products are of good quality, and they offer several hero products to address specific concerns.

However, some customers may find the price a bit high compared to the amount of product received, and the added fragrances in some products may irritate sensitive skin.

When it comes to pricing, Lumin offers various sets ranging from $45 for the Fundamental Duo to around $110 for the Expert Maintenance Set.

The number of products in each starter set (or tasting box) may vary depending on your specific skincare needs.

Lumin's subscription box duration operates on a two-month cycle, ensuring a steady supply of products for your skincare routine.

Plus, if your order total exceeds $75, you can enjoy free shipping.

With Lumin's concise and effective approach to male complexions, you can experience skincare made simple.

Find the bundle that suits your needs, follow the easy routine, and enjoy the solid results that Lumin offers.

3. Skincareformenonly: Skincare Subscription boxes for men

Skincareformenonly Skincare Subscription Boxes For Men makes a man satisfied with the grooming routine.

Skincareformenonly offers a monthly skincare subscription box for men that provides all the essential products you need to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

With this subscription box, you'll receive a new delivery of products regularly, ensuring a fresh and consistent skincare routine.

To use the Skincareformenonly products, follow the provided instructions.

Start by cleansing your face twice daily to remove dirt, grime, and excess oil, preventing clogged pores and breakouts.

In the evening, apply the Eye Balm to maximize the skin-strengthening benefits while your body's cells regenerate.

Finally, moisturize your face twice daily to hydrate and protect your skin, delivering soothing vitamins and creating a barrier against environmental toxins.

These best subscription boxes are ideal for men seeking extra TLC for their skin.

It caters to various use cases, addressing concerns such as cleansing, hydration, and anti-aging.

The package even includes freebies, such as a travel bag and the Anti-Aging Face Wash and Face + Eye Cream for your first subscription.

Pros of Skincareformenonly include its easy skincare routine, the inclusion of hero products, and the overall good quality of the products.

However, some customers may find the price relatively high compared to the amount of product received, and the added fragrances in some products may cause irritation for those with sensitive skin.

The price for the Skincareformenonly monthly subscription box is $65.25 when you choose the "Subscribe & Save" option, providing a 25% discount compared to the one-time purchase price of $87.

The best subscription boxes deliver products every month, ensuring you have a continuous supply of skincare essentials.

Invest in your skin and simplify your skincare routine with Skincareformenonly's monthly subscription boxes for men.

Enjoy the convenience and benefits of a curated selection of products tailored specifically for men's skincare needs.

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4. Tiege Hanley Level 1 Skincare System

Tiege Hanley Level 1 Skincare System products are a class apart range with hundred percent quality guarantee.

Tiege Hanley is a prominent player in the men's skincare industry, offering a range of skincare sets to cater to diverse skincare needs.

Among their offerings, the Level 1 Skincare System stands out as an affordable and accessible choice.

Designed for monthly subscription use, this system ensures a steady supply of products delivered to your doorstep each month.

Priced at $30 with a subscription purchase, the Level 1 Skincare System provides a cost-effective solution for men seeking a basic skincare routine.

While it includes fewer products compared to higher-level systems, it covers essential bases with Tiege Hanley's WASH, SCRUB, and AM/PM moisturizers.

To use the Level 1 Skincare System, start with the WASH, a gentle facial cleanser that balances pH levels.

Follow up with SCRUB, Tiege Hanley's exfoliating scrub, to remove dead skin cells and promote a refreshed complexion.

In the morning, apply the AM moisturizer with SPF 10 for light UV protection, and in the evening, use the PM moisturizer enriched with niacinamide to soothe and hydrate the skin overnight.

While the Level 1 System lacks a cream for the eyes or hydrating serum, these can be incorporated by upgrading to Tiege Hanley's Level 2 or 3 skincare systems.

Pros of Tiege Hanley's Level 1 Skincare System include its affordability, simplicity, and effectiveness in establishing a basic skincare routine.

The monthly subscription box option ensures consistent availability of skincare products without hassle.

On the downside, the Level 1 set may not meet the needs of individuals seeking additional products like eye creams or hydrating serums.

Additionally, some reviewers have reported running out of products before the month is up, suggesting that the volume provided may not last the entire month as intended.

5. Curology Custom Formula For Acne

Curology Custom Formula For Acne kit all stocked up near the wash basin.

Curology offers a personalized approach to tackling acne with its customized formula for acne solutions.

Their bespoke acne-fighting cream is just the beginning, as they have expanded their product line to include a range of skincare products, from face washes to moisturizers.

With Curology, you receive a virtual evaluation from a dermatologist who tailors a formula specifically for your skin concerns.

To use Curology's customized formula, apply the product as directed by your virtual Curology dermatologist.

The formula utilizes acne-busting ingredients such as tretinoin, azelaic acid, and clindamycin, specifically chosen to address your unique skincare needs.

As you progress through your Curology journey, your virtual dermatologist may adjust the ingredients to ensure continued effectiveness.

Curology's use cases are ideal for individuals seeking a targeted approach to combat acne and achieve clearer skin.

By customizing the formula to your specific concerns, Curology aims to provide effective results tailored to your skin type.

Pros of Curology's customized formula include the personalized approach, the involvement of a virtual dermatologist, and the use of potent acne-fighting ingredients.

The best subscription boxes model ensures a new bottle of the customized formula is delivered to you every two months, providing a consistent supply for your skincare routine.

Additionally, Curology offers a money-back guarantee if you don't see results within 90 days.

On the downside, some individuals may experience an adjustment period when starting the customized formula, and it may take time to see noticeable improvements in their skin.

Additionally, as with any personalized product, individual results may vary.

The price for Curology's customized formula is $60 per shipment, with each shipment lasting two months.

This price includes the virtual evaluation, tailored formulation, and ongoing support from the Curology dermatologist.

With Curology's customized formula for acne solutions, you can address your specific skincare concerns and work towards achieving clearer, healthier skin.

Benefit from expert dermatologists online and the power of personalized skincare by subscribing to Curology's acne solutions today.

Comparison Chart

Here's a comparison chart for the five mentioned men's skincare subscription products:





Key Benefits

Geologie Complete Skincare

$45 (1-month supply/

$144 (3-month supply

Every 1-4 months


Comprehensive routine, personalized subscriptions

Lumin: The Complete Skincare Solution

Varies based on the set

Every 2 months


Easy routines, hero products, good quality

Skincareformenonly: Men's Skincare Subscription


(Subscribe & Save)

Every 1 month


Tailored formulas, freebies, carbon-neutral shipping

Tiege Hanley Level 1 Skincare System

$30 (With Subscription)

Every 2 months


Affordable, simple routine, TSA-compliant sizes

Curology: Customized Formula for Acne Solutions

$60 (Per shipment)

Every 2 month


Personalized formula, virtual dermatologist, money-back guarantee

How To Choose Skin Care Products For Men?

Choosing the right skincare products for men can be a daunting task with the abundance of options available.

To make an informed decision, consider the following factors:

  1. Know your skin type: Men often have oily and thicker skin due to testosterone. Determine if your skin is oily, dry, combination, or sensitive, and choose products specifically formulated for your skin type.

  2. Forget gender: Many skin care products are unisex and suitable for both men and women. Look beyond gender-specific lines and focus on the ingredients and benefits of the products. Fragrance-free options or products with earthy essential oils can be soothing choices.

  3. Consider your ethnicity: Ethnicity can influence your skin type and specific needs. For example, African-American men may deal with ingrown hairs, while Asian and Hispanic men may be prone to irregular skin pigmentation. Tailor your skincare routine accordingly.

  4. Experiment and sample: Skin care is often a trial-and-error process. Opt for products that allow returns or start with samples to test their compatibility with your skin. Monthly subscription services or sample boxes can provide an opportunity to explore different products in travel sizes based on your preferences.

By understanding your skin type, disregarding gender labels, considering your ethnicity, and being open to experimentation, you can navigate the vast world of men's skincare and find products that best suit your individual needs.


Skincare subscription boxes for men offer a multitude of benefits for those seeking convenient, customized, and effective skincare solutions.

The men's skincare products market is projected to witness a steady growth rate of 6.2% from 2019 to 2027, resulting in a market value of USD 18.92 billion by 2027.

With the mentioned brands like Geologie, Lumin, Skincareformenonly, Tiege Hanley, and Curology, there is a wide range of options to explore and find the best grooming subscription boxes that suit your skincare needs.

One of the key advantages of skincare subscription boxes for men is their convenience.

By delivering curated products directly to your doorstep regularly, these subscriptions eliminate the hassle of browsing through countless products in stores.

They save you time and effort while ensuring you have a consistent supply of high-quality skincare essentials.

Customization is another remarkable aspect of skincare subscriptions for men.

Brands like Curology and Skincareformenonly offer personalized formulas that target specific concerns, allowing you to address your unique skin care needs effectively.

This tailored approach ensures that you receive products suited to your skin type and concerns, maximizing the potential for positive results.

Investing in a skincare subscription for men is investing in self-care.

By prioritizing your skincare routine, you demonstrate a commitment to maintaining healthy skin and boosting your overall well-being.

Healthy skin not only enhances your appearance, but also boosts your confidence and promotes a sense of self-care and self-worth.

So, why wait? Take the step towards better skin by starting a skincare subscription for men today.

Explore the mentioned brands and find the one that resonates with you.

Unlock the potential for healthier, more vibrant skin and experience the benefits of a consistent and effective skincare routine.

Invest in yourself and embrace the journey towards a more confident and revitalized you.


What is the difference between Gentleman's Box and Bespoke Post?

Gentleman's Monthly Box and Bespoke Post are both subscription services catering to men, but they differ in their offerings.

Among these two best grooming subscription boxes, Gentleman's primary focus is on providing stylish accessories, pre-shave oil, and post-shave balm, while Bespoke Post emphasizes a wider range of lifestyle and curated goods, including home and outdoor products.

Is Nykaa available for men?

Yes, Nykaa offers a wide range of grooming and skin care products specifically tailored for men.

They have a dedicated section on their website called "Nykaa Man" where men can find various grooming essentials from well-known brands.

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