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Trunk Club for Men Review

Trunk Club for Men

If you're like me, then one of the things that possibly makes your head hurt more than anything else is going to the mall to look for new clothes. Although I know that I need to get new clothes on occasion so that I don't wear the same things all the time, I simply can't bring myself to do the shopping.

Trunk Club is a subscription service that takes the hassle out of shopping for new clothes by sending you items that you'll enjoy wearing and that are stylish. Clothing items that are included in the box that you receive are hand-selected by a team of stylists based on the information you include when you sign up with the company.

Get Your Trunk

In order to start getting your trunk each month, you need to enter a few details about the size that you wear and the style of clothes that you like. You'll also enter some information about your budget. For once, someone is thinking about the money that I have in my pocket when I shop for clothes!

If you're able to enter an abundance of information, then it's easier to find more clothes that you're going to like instead of those that are plain and ordinary. Once you've entered these details, you can chat with one of the stylists so that the company can get a better idea for what you like to wear.

The messages that you send through the chat system are conducted in real-time. You can also talk to someone over the phone if this makes you feel a bit more comfortable. While you're talking to the stylist, you'll discuss a few more options about the colors that you like and the overall style that you're looking for in your clothes.

Once you're done giving the stylist your details, you'll be sent a preview of the clothing that has been selected. After you approve the clothes that you want to receive, Trunk Club will send your box.

A benefit of the company is that you'll have up to 48 hours to decide whether you want to keep all of your clothes or if you want to exchange a few items. You'll also be able to choose the clothes that you don't want to keep at all.


After placing your order, it takes about five days to get your box. I've never waited longer than a week to get a box from the company. The boxes that I have received have been in exceptional condition with little to no exterior damage.

There isn't a shipping cost to worry about as long as the trunk is sent in the United States. However, the company can ship to other areas across the world as long as you pay the shipping fee.


All of the clothing inside the boxes that I have received has been neatly folded and securely wrapped. Most of the time, the items are wrapped in plastic, similar to what you would find at a luxury clothing store. This makes me feel like I've hit the jackpot instead of ordering clothes from an online company simply because of the way that I receive the clothes I order.

Choosing Your Clothes

When the box arrives, it will feel like Christmas. You have five days after getting the box to try everything on and figure out which items fit and you want to keep. If you have a Nordstrom account, you won't have to worry about paying the styling fee. However, the fee is added as a credit to the price of the clothes that you decide to keep.

It's free to send back the clothes that you don't want as long as you use the labels that are provided. You can arrange to have the clothes picked up through the postal service or take the box to your local post office. The only clothes you're going to pay for are the ones that you decide to keep.


Trunk Club works a bit differently than some other subscription services. Although it averages out to about once a month for receiving your boxes, you can order clothes whenever you want them. I've placed three orders in a month before. My wallet wasn't happy, but I did get some pretty awesome clothes to add to my closet.

There is an option to schedule a monthly delivery if you don't want to take the time to shop online. You can also make an arrangement for a box to be sent during each season. This allows you to get new clothes that are comfortable to wear whether it's hot or cold depending on the time of year the box arrives.


There will be about 10 items in your trunk. Don't let the number of items prevent you from ordering more in the future as you're able to send back the ones you don't want instead of paying for all of them. You get a discount once you begin keeping more than three or four items from the box, but again, this shouldn't be the reason why you keep your clothes.

Trunk Club is a way for you to add new items to your wardrobe that are fun and fashionable. They are trendy and usually what other men are wearing. Aside from clothes, you can also get a few accessories to match your outfits, such as belts and socks.

Some of the styles I've received have included casual jeans and pants, blazers, and sweaters. I enjoy getting items to wear on the weekends when I want to go out to eat with my family as well as clothes that I can wear when I'm lounging with my friends.

The Verdict

Trunk Club is a good service to use if you don't like shopping. You can add several new pieces of clothing to your closet by simply clicking a few details online.

What are you waiting for? Contact the company to learn more about how to get your trunk full of clothes for men delivered to your home.

- Jack


  • An assortment of clothes
  • Keep only what you want
  • Low prices and discounts


  • Could include a few more colors
  • Would like more athletic wear

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