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Unlock the ultimate hunting experience with our curated hunting subscription boxes, packed with essential gear to enhance your skills and elevate your adventures.

"No quarantine is gonna keep US inside!"

Hey fellaz, your man Jack is back on the hunt for subscriptions and gear shops.

With hunting subscription boxes, you can combine the surprise of getting something you love in the mail with spending time in the outdoors having an adventure of a lifetime.

Order a one time box, single products or subscribe monthly; These boxes make great gifts!

Now the question is, which subscription box should you choose?

Here are a few reviews to help you get outdoors today!

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timber edge outdoors box
  • Perfect box for anyone who loves hunting and the outdoors!
  • Contains a variety of outdoor items specific to the month and season
  • Easy to give as a one time gift, or 3 month subscription
Steel To Reel Club
  • HOLIDAY SALE: Use code FREEDOM at checkout for special discount
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Hand-picked hunting, survival and outdoor gear, picked by experts
Get your Battlbox subscriotion right now!
  • Starts low as $34.99, avg. value of $60
  • Tiered packages to suit your preferences
  • Large active community
  • Themed "mission" every month

timber edge outdoors box

"Perfect box for anyone who loves hunting and the outdoors, easy gifting!"

Steel To Reel Club

"Nation's best Hunting, EDC & SHTF gear, 100% Money Back Guarantee"

Get your Battlbox subscriotion right now!

"EDC, hunting gear, clothes; this club has it all!"

The Best Hunting Subscription Boxes:

Here is my list of monthly subscriptions to help you with hunting duck, deer, turkey or your animal of choice. Stay sharp and on point and let's go hunting!

1. Timber Edge

timber edge outdoors box

Easy 1 time gift box or 3 month subscription.

Timber Edge is a unique way to experience and cherish the survival in the great outdoors. 

Whether you're into hunting, fishing, hiking or camping - there's something for everyone!

Each month brings an exciting surprise of 4-6 items specifically tailored to your outdoor passions.

Plus it's all lovingly chosen by a family with over fifty years' worth of combined hunting and outdoors knowledge. 

Enjoy discovering new experiences and making memories each time this outdoor survival subscription box arrives at your door!

2. Steel To Reel

Steel To Reel Club

You're looking at the nation's best hunting, EDC and Tactical box, man this thing is loaded!

Steel to Reel is a subscription box that offers top-of the line survival gear, all hand picked by expert Survivalists and veterans.

They've put 10 000+ hours into training so they know what works for you when things go bump in th' night!

Level up and go for the "Survivor Pro Box" for the full experience and some of the best outdoor gear known to man.

Send a one-time gift box or make sure they're always prepared up to 3, 6 and 12 months.

Don't get ready, STAY READY.

3. Knife Subscription Club

Try Knife Subscription Club today!

If you’re looking for a good way to grow your knife collection, the Knife Subscription Club will give you a high-quality knife each month.

These stainless-steel knives are chosen from well-known brands, and if you upgrade your subscription, you can even get some EDC gear.

Plus, there is a Ladies Collection for any women out there with their own collections.

The Knife Subscription Club is an affordable and fast way to increase your knife collection.

All knives come with a spring assisted opening and arrive in the middle of each month.

4. Grill Masters Club

The Grill Masters Club

Hey what tha heck is this doing on the list? A man's gotta eat right!?

Well...After you catch your game, you have to think about how you will prep and cook it.

The Grill Masters Club subscription box gives you all that you need to be a pit or grill master.

In every box, you get four products including grill accessories, wood chips, rubs, and sauces.

You also get BBQ tips and smoking recipes to help up your grilling game.

The Grill Masters Club subscription box includes some of the best BBQ goods and curated grilling items from all over the United States.

Products are selected from a certified BBQ judge, plus we take the time to taste test and research all of the products.

Boxes are shipped out the first week of every month.

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5. Barrel & Blade

blade and barrel monthly tactical box

With the Barrel & Blade subscription box, if we wouldn’t personally use it, we won’t send it to you.

Only including legit gear, Barrel & Blade is the most authentic and valued subscription box of hunting + tactical gear on the market.

In collaboration with top experts, we are able to choose the best gear and high-quality products to include in your box.

All boxes are shipped the first week of each month, the Barrel & Blade endeavors to include the most useful survivalist gear.

You receive a full range of shooting accessories, blades, preparation products, and tactical gear.

With this subscription, you can make sure you have what you need with you before you head out in the wilderness.

How much dos Barrel & Blade cost? Read our honest, FULL review here.

6. BattlBox (aka "Battle Box")

Get your Battlbox subscription right now!

Cost - BattleBox starts as low as $34.99 and up to $169 per month. SAVE $60 & UP EVERY BOX.

Yes, this funky spelling is pronounced "Battle Box". If you are looking for a monthly subscription of outdoor, survival, camping, and hunting gear, check these guys out!

Each month, the items will vary depending on the month’s theme which will focus on various equipment types.

Each box will have a central theme and mission that it is based on which determines the type of gear that it includes.

You can really get into this subscription.

With the BattlBox, you will have four different packages to choose from and you can cancel or change your subscription at any time.

Because of their themes, BattlBox creates a tight community that looks forward to each "mission" every month.

Wanna learn more? Click to read our FULL BattlBox review here.

7. Nomadik

Buy nomadik subscription box today!

For those that love being in the great outdoors, having a box sent to you every month that will take you on your next adventure would be heaven.

With the Nomadik Subscription Box, you get premium products from well-known brands with high-end products.

Every box comes with three to six full-size items that include useful gear like hammocks and multi-tools.

Every Nomadik box also gives you the opportunity to win more gear.

You get your box at the end of each month that includes newly launched gear as well as a new monthly challenge that will inspire you to go on your next trip.

If you don’t love your box, they feature an IronClad Guarantee that promises to work with you until they get it right.

8. Sportsman's Guide

sportmans guide review


World-Wide leader in military surplus. Top name brands, great prices.

Hunting, Fishing, Shooting Sports, Camping, Apparel, Tools and Equipment.

Sign up for the 3-Month Buyer’s Club and enjoy FREE standard shipping.

 Plus, get an instant, everyday discount of up to 10%* on gear and 5% on Guns & Ammo!

You don't even have to subscribe. You can make one off purchases from their vast inventory of hunting supplies.

Trust us, SG is hard to beat! If you love the outdoors this is your place!

9. Tom Beckbe

Tom Beckbe Hunting Gear

Built with rugged high quality materials and a classic sense of style, Tom Beckbe creates hunting gear that survives the test of time and the most challenging weather conditions.

Beckbe offers premium outerwear, bags, hats and field gear for men and women!

The brand hails from rolling red clay hills of Alabama, to bring you timeless gear that you will cherish and want to pass down the tradition to your loved ones.

10. Beretta USA

beretta usa hunting review

Cost - Varies.

In the early 1800s Pietro Antonio Beretta (1791 – 1853), in spite of difficulties arising from constant wars and foreign domination, traveled throughout Italy to demonstrate the superior quality of his products and collect orders.

This core value of total commitment to quality was established by Bartolomeo Beretta almost five centuries ago, and continues to be the bedrock of our Company today.

As a crucial part of our Mission, it remains the unchanging key to Beretta’s worldwide success.

11. Isle Box

Isle Box Subscription

If you hate shopping, Isle Box will get rid of the hassle of shopping for your outdoor gear.

Not only for hunters, the Isle Box includes brands like MSR, Smartwool, and ThermaRest. However, hunters will love taking these products out on their next outdoor adventure.

Every box comes with high-end products that include items like knives and canteens.

12. Stick in a Box

Stick in a Box Subscription

The Stick in a Box subscription box is great for those long hours waiting in a blind. When you get hungry, some jerky helps to take the edge off.

Offering premium products including beef sticks and beef jerky, the Stick in a Box includes different flavors each month. There are three different tiers to choose from so you can find just the right level.

The Stick in a Box includes hard to find flavors and brands of beef jerky that you can find at your local store. Shipped in the middle of every month, this subscription box includes tons of options and is a great gift for the meat eater in your life.

13. Cairn

Cairn adventure review

A Cairn subscription box starts with a subscriber profile that allows you to list your preferred drink, food, accessory and apparel sizes, and outdoor activities.

Items can include skin care products, energy bars, snacks, gear, and apparel. You can also expect to find navigation tools, fire starters, and first aid kits.

There are two subscription levels to choose from. The Original Box that has a $50 retail value while the Obsidian Box has up to a $300 value and comes with five to 10 premium outdoor product items.

14. Mountain Hunter

Mountain Hunter Subscription Box

Cost - Mountain Hunter starts at $21 for the "mini", up to $41.

Sometimes it can be hard to find high-quality hunting gear that works well in harsh elements.

With the Mountain Hunter subscription box, you can find all these items easily.

Every box comes with three to five curated pieces of gear that are exclusively chosen for those "hardcore hunters".

The items are selected by a pro hunter who has over 30 years of experience.

Items can include game calls, multi-tools, knives, survival kits, game bags, camp gear, rifle hunting gear, and archery equipment.

With the Mountain Hunter subscription box, you know you’ll get some well-known brands including MSR, Sawyer, and Sitka.


This box is discontinued.

Try Timber Edge or Steel To Reel as alternative hunting boxes.

15. Legendary Whitetails

Legendary Whitetails Review

Cost - Various prices

"Celebrate the hunt" with Legendary Whitetails!

A company dedicated to hunting deer, they provide deer hunting clothes and gear that you need in the field.

The blog is awesome for deer hunters: learn tips on leasing hunting land, delicious recipes, how to field dress a deer, shed hunting and much more.

The company spotlights fellow members, called "Ambassadors" as they hunt deer, foul, big game fish and other prey.

Top top it off they offer a "100% Satisfaction Guarantee".

16. HuntVault

HuntVault Subscription Box

Cost - HuntVault ELITE is $160 per month

With contents that vary on the season, the HuntVault is a Family and Veteran owned company. It was established in 2015.

You can choose from different tiers to include items like safety gear, game calls, and hunting tools.

Premium gearboxes can include heavy-duty hunting tools, cameras, and optics.

Created for the serious outdoorsmen, the HuntVault ELITE includes high-end gear from well-known brands for less than retail value.

Items can include products geared for women, and surveys allow you to choose your preferred weapon and game.

Each box includes up to $300 worth of value.

17. Ballistics Box

Keep your gun loaded with Ballistics Subscription Box!

The Ballistics Box is a great subscription to get to increase your tactical gear.

This monthly subscription is customizable with four tiers to choose from.

All the tactical gear you receive is cutting edge and high quality and chosen from well-known manufacturers.

The Ballistics Box is a great choice for a range enthusiast at an affordable price.

There are 6-month and annual memberships to choose from and members receive their box in the first week of each month.

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18. Knife Pack

Try Knife Pack Subscription Box Today!i

If you are looking for some unique knives, the Knife Pack subscription box will deliver right to your door.

With high-quality, hand selected knives, you will soon have an affordable and fun knife collection.

This is a great gift for anyone that appreciates a nice quality knife including friends, uncles, daughters, sons, wives, and husbands.

Knife Pack boxes arrive the first week of every month, and you are able to cancel at any time.

Not only do you get a new, high-quality knife every month, but it also comes at an affordable price.

19. Green Beret Tactical

Try Green Beret Tactical Box Today!

With the Green Beret Tactical subscription box, you get all that you need to be an outdoor enthusiast.

Every month, you get a curated box with tactical, camping, survival, and hiking gear at half off of the manufacturer’s price.

Plus, they give 10% of all their proceeds to the Green Beret Foundation.

You receive your box every three months with the first order shipping within two days.

20. Gear Pack

Gear Pack Subscription Box - review

The Gear Pack subscription box chooses the items for its boxes based on themes.

With different levels to choose from, you can get a basic box, Basic Plus, Advanced, or the Ultimate package.

You not only get a great value for the products you receive, but you get some useful items for the theme of the month.

If your budget allows, go for the higher-level boxes to get the really good items.

21. The Sportsman’s Box

The Sportsman’s Box Subscription

Containing supplies and gear, The Sportsman’s Box is perfect for anglers and hunters.

Created for the active sportsman, The Sportsman’s Box was designed by two men that share the love and skill of the sport.

Each box includes high-end products like apparel, snacks, gun cleaning pads, and game bags.

You get items for every season for all areas of a sportsmen’s lifestyle.

22. Hunter's Haul

Hunter's Haul Subscription Box

If you are looking for a diverse assortment of usable gear, the Hunter’s Haul subscription box will give you brand name gear that you will actually use.

If you have a hunter in the family, they will look forward to their monthly box a high-quality gear.

Items can include cameras, vacuum bottles, knives, and personal products that are handy out in the woods.

The Hunter’s Haul subscription box has different levels to choose from and arrives the last week of the month. 

Each box is tailored to the species that you choose, and you are allowed to change species each month.

What are the Benefits of a Hunting Subscription?

A monthly hunting subscription can give you new pieces of gear you didn’t know existed or be the envy of your friends when you get the newest product they just read about.

Perfect for veterans or beginners, a subscription box keeps prepared for fun adventures with your friends.

Full of name brands and high-quality products, you will receive all types of gear from stainless steel knives to cameras and optics.

What is the best hunting subscription box?

I’d recommend the Mountain Hunter when looking at the overall quality, variety you get and the good customer service they provide.

Whether you're seeking hunting gear, themed boxes, or a knife subscription, they offer a range of options to cater to your specific interests and preferences. 

Before embarking on your next adventure, don't miss out on the HuntVault subscription box, a treasure trove of top-notch items to equip you for the wild.

Subscription boxes can be a lot of fun.

They make great gift ideas to match your loved one’s interests or are just a great way to increase a collection you have.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll enjoy combing through all the possibilities out there to find the right subscription box for you.

- Jack

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