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One of the most frustrating things about preparing for BattlBox emergencies is, it is hardly taken seriously.

Here's a battle box review to check tons of 'survivalist' products out there.

But the vast majority of them feel like they're meant to give people an excuse to wear camo out of season.

BattlBox, however, has always seemed like it was serious about survival.

One of the best-known survival boxes out there boasts an amazing array of options and provides its subscribers with tools for real emergencies.

I took a look at this tactical gear box to see how it stood up to my needs.

What I discovered, however, was a box that was much better than I could have anticipated. 

BattlBox Review To Understand Its Worth

Unlike most other boxes out there, this doesn't seem to be for those who dabble - it's always full of equipment that has real-world uses.

What you're getting here is a box meant for people who prepare themselves for emergencies.

The situation may vary from month to month, but it's always serious.

It requires specialized tools.

If you're looking for a battlbox review, then it's because you always want to be prepared.

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What's in the Box?

Consider BattlBox review for those who are serious about survival.

This review gives a clear picture of monthly themes called Missions by the company. 

Every mission is themed around a specific real-life survival event - everything from natural disasters to active shooter responses.

The items included are meant to work for that mission.

There are four levels of boxes in subscription services, so what you're going to get really depends on how much you're willing to spend.

As with most subscription box services, the higher-tiered boxes include everything that's in the lower tiers as well as a few extras.

At the basic level, you're going to get a variety of different survival gear items.

Some of what you're going to get are similar to what you'd get in other survival tool boxes - field guides, for example, or food storage kits.

Other Items Included In The BattlBox

It is important to go through the complete battlbox review and gather knowledge to get the best one. 

Some of the premium gear is more unique, and they fit specific missions very well.

As you go up in price, the size of the gear also increases.

Radios, lights, and other electrical gears are pretty common in the boxes, as are camping gear, hiking gear, and even binoculars.

Generally speaking, you'll get a good mix of all the gears, new and well-known brands in this section.

If you go for the biggest monthly subscription service, however, you're going to start seeing things that you just don't see in the base-level survival subscription box.

You'll get tents, sleeping bags, full survival kits, or first aid supplies - it's the stuff that you'd use to make a serious bug-out kit or stock a basic cache in every box.

What's cool about the highest tier is that you're not necessarily adding bigger outdoor gear, but you're adding better survival items.

The top tier features awesome emergency supplies like hatchets and knives from well-known companies, as well as the kind of survival gear for which you would expect to pay a premium.

How Much Does BattleBox Cost?

BattlBox has several tiers of boxes than virtually any other box on the market, and that means more price points. 

The basic box isn't cheap - it runs at a $29.99 monthly subscription service, and that doesn't include tax or shipping fees.

A step above that is the Advanced box, which costs $59.99 plus shipping.

For the really good stuff, though, you may go with the bigger boxes of subscription. 

The Pro is a hefty $99.99 a month plus shipping, but it includes some absolutely amazing items.

While looking for the best of the best, though, you'll want the Pro Plus, which costs $149.99 plus shipping and tax every month.

Pro Vs Pro Plus BattlBox Review

In terms of sheer value, this tactical gear box is out of the world.

Every month's box is easily worth double the cost with the bigger boxes actually representing amazing values.

It's not uncommon to see the difference between Pro and Pro Plus coming down to a knife that's worth more than a hundred bucks.

These boxes are simply put, an excellent deal for anyone who wants to gather a good cache of survival equipment or who wants to try out the latest survival gear on the market.

The most unique thing about this box is that it always includes documentation.

There are videos available for almost all the outdoor gear included in each mission, so you can actually learn how to use them before an emergency occurs. 

It's really hard to overstate how great of a feature this is, especially since everything in the box really is meant to be used when and if emergencies occur. 

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BattlBox Review Verdict

If you're a true survivalist, you'll fall in love with this survival tool box.

The glowing battlbox reviews that I have seen including my own research can guarantee you so.

Though BattlBox certainly isn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination and not really a fun thing like movies or music, you'll must get the items you need and the information you need to use them.

The items included aren't toys, though, so don't expect to use everything all at once.

If your goal is to build up a cache or to make sure that your bugout bag is full, you'll get everything you need here.

It's definitely worth springing for bigger boxes, as they tend to have even better items.

Even if you're only going to go with the basic level, you'll still wind up with some excellent gears.

Give this outdoor gear box a try.


  • Includes some excellent items
  • Videos show you how to use everything
  • Really good prepper survival gear
  • Great overall value
  • You can skip boxes you don't want


  • Hard to see the use of some items
  • Best stuff is at higher price levels
  • No flat shipping rate
  • Some 'missions' are a little too niche

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