10 Best Cigar Lighters


A man lighting a cigar with one of the best cigar lighters.

There's nothing like lighting a cigar and enjoying the rich aroma that's given off soon after you first inhale.

In order to enjoy this soothing activity that's often filled with notes of leather, nuts, and spices, you need to have the right lighter.

Here are some details about various types of cigar lighters, what makes them different, and some of the best ones in the market.

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The Best Cigar Lighters Available:

Here is our list of the top cigar lighters on the market today.

1. Xikar Volta Quad Lighter (Best Luxury)

Xikar Volta Quad Lighter is a premium and high-performance lighter designed specifically for cigar enthusiasts.

This small table lighter packs a punch and is known for its long life.

Made of classy stainless steel and designed in a cylindrical modern shape, this torch lighter offers comfort and is easy to carry.

A button on the side of the lighter is pressed to ignite.

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2. Vertigo Cyclone (Best Under $10)

Vertigo Cyclone is compact and lightweight, making it portable and convenient to carry.

I've personally had two of these puppies for over a year now.

Rock solid performance with only a few hiccups. 

For the money is very hard to beat.

Get a few so you can have the around the house and not search for it when you need it.

The Vertigo Cyclone features three flames that is compact and easy to hold.

There's a see-through base to see when you're running low on fluid. 

All you do is press down on a button so that the lid can open to reveal the flame and viola!

3. Alec Bradley (Best Table Lighter)

Alec Bradley lighter is crafted from high-quality metal, exhibiting a smooth and polished finish that exudes a sense of luxury.

With an appearance that resembles a teapot, this torch lighter is modern in its chrome design.

It uses butane to allow for a clean burn and can last for hours if needed depending on how many people are using the lighter.

All you have to do is push a button to ignite the flame and turn a dial to adjust the height.

4. Xikar Verano Flat Flame (Best Mid Range)

Xikar Verano Flat Flame allows a comfortable grip.

How cool is this one!?  The power of a double flame, Xikar Verano Flat Flame lighter provides maximum fuel efficiency. 

Luxury in the palm of your hand, easy to use and elegantly simple.

Engineered like a mini tank, it has a lifetime warranty.

You get luxury style and performance in a sleek compact for, great for every day use.

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5. Vector Icon Ignition Sensor (Coolest Lighter)

Vector Icon Ignition Sensor is a sleek, matte black finish, giving it a sophisticated and modern appearance.

If you are looking for a conversation piece or icebreaker, this is it! This lighter is by far the most eye catching head turner.

You spark your stogie with the slick digital ignition display.

While the unique angled triple flame is design to hit all angles of your cigar at the same time.

Tech heads and aficionados alike will love this one.

6. Black Label Dominator Gun

Black Label Dominator Gun's body of the lighter is predominantly black, with metallic accents and detailing that resemble the intricate parts of a gun.

Although simple in appearance, this lighter is large and can be used as a tabletop lighter too.

With a four-flame design, you'll be able to light some of the largest cigars.

It also features a double punch and a pair of cigar scissors to ensure that the edges of your cigar are neat and trim for the next light.

7. Xikar Tech Jet Triple Flame

The Xikar Tech Jet Triple Flame lighter is a compact and powerful device with three jet flames for precise cigar lighting.

This triple-flame lighter features a clear body so that you can see the fuel tank.

It also features a larger fuel tank so that the gas lasts a bit longer than other lighters.

An auto-open lid makes it easy to ignite when you want to quickly smell and taste your favorite cigar.

8. Vector Torpedo

The Vector Torpedo is a sleek and stylish lighter featuring a torpedo-shaped design, perfect for precise cigar ignition.

It is a beautiful torch lighter that has an almost satin touch.

The quad-flame design is ideal for larger cigars even though the lighting tool is small in size.

The oversize tank allows for holding a little more fuel than other designs.

There's also a self-ejecting punch cutter to ensure an even light of your cigar.

9. Colibri Boss

The Colibri Boss lighter is an elegant and powerful device with a sleek design, providing a reliable flame for cigar enthusiasts.

This lightweight design features triple torch lighters and double cutters with a razor-sharp edge for precision details.

There's a large fuel chamber and a blue indicator so that you know when you need to refuel.

This is one of the best cigar lighters that comes with a gift box and does have a warranty.

10. WindBlaze Torch Lighter 

WindBlaze Torch Lighter is a sleek and modern device designed for igniting cigars and other tobacco products.

Ranked as the best single flame torch lighter in the market, the WindBlaze is a torch lighter with a compact design that easily fits inside almost any compartment or pocket.

It's designed with a modern stainless steel appearance and uses butane gas that's fast-burning and low in toxicity.

When lit outdoors, you'll usually see a blue flame.

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BONUS: JetLine Phantom 

The JetLine Phantom is a sleek and stealthy lighter with a powerful flame for precise cigar ignition.

This is somewhat of a unique style when it comes to cigar lighters.

The bright yellow makes it easy to spot in a crowd when it's needed.

There's also a variety of torch lighter flame colors to give you the most unique lighter used for your cigars.

While being fun to look at, it's also durable and easy to use.

What is a Cigar Lighter?

One of the components that sets a cigar lighter apart from others is its larger size.

They typically have a larger flame as well to make it easier to light a cigar since the tip is typically bigger than the end of a cigarette.

When using a cigar lighter, you'll usually notice that the flame is a bit stronger and doesn't really add a lot of artificial taste.


A single flame is the most popular as it's usually easier to control.

The downfall of a single flame is that it could take a little longer to light the end of the cigar because of the surface area that the flame has to cover.

Lighters with a single flame are a bit easier to carry for a cigar smoker while traveling or when outdoors since they are typically smaller than those with multiple flames.

If a cigar smoker's lighter has a double, triple, or quad flame, then you can expect to light your cigar within a few moments.

As you increase the number of flames, you're going to decrease the length of time that it takes to light the cigar in most situations.

Multiple flames also help with wind resistance, which means that if one flame goes out, there's another that can continue lighting the cigar.

Types of Cigar Torches

The Cigar Torch Lighter is a compact and reliable tool, emitting a focused flame for effortless cigar lighting.

One of the classic types of cigar torch lighter is a flint.

It's simple and straight to the point. 

This is usually a bit more dependable than a piezo torch as well.

The design of a flint torch is fairly easy to use.

There's a wheel ignition button that you can strike against a small piece of flint that's inside the lighter.

You'll usually get a longer flame with flint torch lighters, but keep in mind that they can be a bit difficult to change out if you need a new piece of flint.

A piezo cigar lighter involves a spring-loaded small hammer.

When you release the button on the lighter, the hammer hits against a small PZT crystal. 

This force creates a flame.

Think of a piezo lighter as using an electrical ignition button while a flint lighter is similar to striking two rocks together to create a flame.

You're usually going to get a higher flame with flint torch lighters, but a piezo torch lighter can sometimes last longer because it relies on an electrical side ignition button.

Butane Cigar Lighters

When you light a cigar, you want to be able to enjoy the clean scent and taste that it has to offer.

You want to be able to detect all of the notes instead of tasting a burning flame.

A butane lighter uses a clean-burning gas that's tasteless and odorless, making this kind of lighter ideal for cigars and also the best sellers.

Keep in mind that when you use a butane lighter, you might have to bleed the lines a bit because you're going to use a little bit of fluid each time the lighter is ignited.

A butane good cigar lighter often lasts longer than other types because you can easily refill it with more fluid.

Are Torches Better Than Lighters?

If you have a choice between a torch flame and a lighter for your best cigar, then you may use a torch lighter.

The flame is usually taller, which means that it's going to light the cigar faster without burning the paper around the tobacco products.

This can often result in an artificial taste depending on how much of the paper is burned. 

A torch lighter will usually deliver an even burn since the flame is larger compared to using a lighter with a smaller flame that you might have to move around in order to cover the surface area.

The accuracy of a torch lighter is often better than a lighter, which means that you won't have to spend a long time trying to marry the flame with the tobacco products to enjoy your best cigar.

Flame Height Adjustment

A butane lighter allows you to easily adjust the flame.

There is a positive and a negative sign that indicates how high or low the flame is with the simple turn of a small wheel.

Avoid turning the flame up all the way as this could result in burning too much of the cigar and could result in burning your fingers or singing a few hairs on your knuckles or even in your nose depending on the length of the cigar and how close the flame is to your face.

When you refill the lighter, you want to adjust it to its lowest setting.

Cigar Punch

To remove the center of the cap of the cigar, you can use a cigar punch.

This is a blade that has a cylindrical shape and fits easily inside the center area of the cigar so that you don't have to use a blade or other items that could result in the edges of the cigar being torn or uneven.

You only need to apply a small amount of pressure when using an already attached cigar punch to remove the center.

Size and Weight of Best Cigar Lighters

There are a few different sizes of cigar lighters to consider depending on how often you smoke and whether or not you plan on smoking outside of your home.

If you follow Andrew Tate style of smoking, torch lighters are the best ones for you.

A portable or pocket-size lighter is usually lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket as the name suggests.

Keep in mind that some portable lighters might not have as large of a flame as one that sits on a tabletop.

A tabletop lighter often has multiple flames and usually isn't moved from its location unless it's taken to another room of your home or put on another surface.

They typically come in a variety of sizes and designs with some being customized for your liking.

The tabletop lighter is one to consider if you enjoy your smoking experience with a group of people.

It can easily accommodate multiple cigar smokers at one time.

If you're thinking about your budget, then a portable lighter will be the best option as they are less expensive than a tabletop design.

A tabletop lighter is an option to consider if you operate a business and want customers to be able to sit together at one table and smoke cigars without passing around a small lighter.

The material of a lighter often impacts its weight.

While a metal lighter delivers a classic and elegant look, it's often quite heavy to carry around compared to a simple single-flame lighter that often has a plastic case.


While many portable cigar lighters don't come with a warranty, you can sometimes get a warranty for a tabletop design.

As the details on the lighter become more intricate in nature, then the extent of the warranty often increases as well.


If you plan to give a cigar lighter to someone as a gift, you want to try to find a box that's only a little bit larger than the lighter itself.

This can prevent the lighter from moving around.

If possible put tissue paper or cloth inside the box before placing the lighter inside so that it doesn't get scratched or damaged.

You should also consider how much you want to spend on a lighter as well as what color the recipient might like and some of the details that they might want on the outside.

Finding the Perfect Cigar Lighters

Whether you've been smoking cigars for years or you're just getting your feet wet, choose from the nice selection of cigar lighters and get more information about choosing the perfect cigar of your liking.

As you increase the size of your cigar, you may want to look for a torch lighter or a lighter that's larger in size with an easy to light tip.

You also want to look for multiple flames in your torch lighter, if you like larger cigars.

When you're on the go or you like sitting outside, then a lightweight portable torch lighter will be a better option than a tabletop lighter or even one that's metal.

If you want to see how much fluid you have left in your lighter, then get one that's clear. 

When the fluid level gets low, you can then add the correct amount of fluid but without filling it too high as you don't want it to overflow.

A single-action torch lighter is often ideal for those who like simplicity as it involves just a quick flick of a wheel.

You can get lighters with a retractable lid so that you don't get the wheel and other components damaged or dirty if you plan to carry your lighter with you or keep it in your car.

- Jack

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