What Cigars Does Andrew Tate Smoke? 

Discover what cigars does Andrew Tate smoke and here he's seen smoking in a beautiful ocean backdrop.

Hey there, fellow cigar enthusiasts! 

Now, you might be wondering, 'What cigars does Andrew Tate smoke?

Well, Tate, known for his refined taste, is known to enjoy an exquisite selection of premium cigars.

Answer: Andrew Tate's favorite cicar is the prestigious Cohiba Behike.

However, he also ventures into cigars from other countries like the Dominican Republic and Honduras, expanding his palate and appreciation for the diverse range of flavors and blends the cigar world has to offer.

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Andrew Tate possesses a deep fondness for Cuban cigars, specifically the renowned Cohiba brand.

These cigars exemplify opulence and skillful craftsmanship, offering an extraordinary smoking journey with their indulgent and intricate flavors.

They serve as an impeccable complement to your beverage of choice.

Despite any legal or illegal boundaries, Andrew Tate's exploration of cigars goes beyond Cuba's borders. With immense passion, he indulges in a wide array of cigars sourced from countries like the Dominican Republic and Honduras, showcasing his enthusiasm for diverse smoking experiences.

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What is the Andrew Tate's Favorite Cigar?

Andrew Tate lighting a cigar in front of his car.

Andrew Tate's favorite cigar brand is the Cohiba Behike.

Known for its impeccable quality and unrivaled flavors, this exceptional cigar holds a special place in his heart and humidor, captivating him with its exquisite blend and extraordinary smoking experience.

Renowned for its impeccable quality and unrivaled flavors, this exceptional cigar holds a special place in his heart and humidor.

The exquisite blend and captivating complexity of Cohiba Behike deliver a smoking experience like no other. It fascinates Andrew's senses seen in his videos, and solidifies its position as his ultimate favorite.

What Cigars Does Andrew Tate Smoke- his Thoughts 

Andrew Tate in deep thoughts smoking cigar with his legs stretched on the table.

Andrew Tate's profound thoughts and controversial views about cigars reveal the essence of his passion as a distinguished cigar aficionado.

He holds a deep appreciation, as seen in one video on Instagram, for the intricate process involved in creating premium cigars, acknowledging the meticulous attention to detail from the cultivation and curing of tobacco to the precise art of rolling and packaging.

More than just a pleasurable pastime, cigars act as a medium for connection, enabling Andrew Tate, a renowned connoisseur, to engage with fellow enthusiasts and participate in a shared cultural heritage.

The Cigar of the Month Club presents the ultimate avenue for connecting with individuals who share similar interests.

This camaraderie and sense of joy derived from the collective experience bring him true fulfillment in the world of cigars.

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What is the Andrew Tate Cigar Lighter?

Andrew Tate is seen lighting a cigar with alcohol on the table.

The Andrew Tate Cigar Lighter is the Tate Torch, a meticulously crafted and powerful torch lighter that enhances his cigar-smoking experience with its sleek design and reliable functionality, providing quick and even lighting for a smooth and enjoyable smoke session.

With its durable construction, sleek design, and powerful flame, the Tate Torch lighter effortlessly ignites cigars, ensuring a quick and even burn for a smooth smoking experience.


In Andrew Tate's cigar journey, his love for premium expensive cigars, particularly Cuban delights like the iconic Cohiba brand, shines through. 

With a profound admiration for the skill and expertise invested in every cigar, he wholeheartedly embraces the diverse range of flavors originating from various countries, thereby demonstrating his fervor for exploration and broadening his palate.

Even when traveling by air, he ensures that his cigars are always present, providing him with unwavering companionship.

Beyond the pleasure of smoking, Andrew values the connections forged with fellow enthusiasts, recognizing the community and camaraderie that enriches the world of cigars.

He is usually against violence and thus, promotes the message of bond more.

Through his refined taste and a quest for sensory bliss, Andrew Tate's cigar choices exemplify his unwavering devotion to the exquisite realm of premium cigars. Is it really that good?? Read to find out.


Did Andrew Tate get cancer due to Cigar smoking?

No, there is no information or sign suggesting that Andrew Tate has developed cancer as a consequence of cigar smoking or any other disease.

How many cigars does Andrew Tate smoke in a day?

The exact number of cigars Andrew Tate smokes in a day is not disclosed publicly.

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