What to Drink with Cigars: Perfect Pairings for Your Smoking Pleasure

What to drink with cigars and how to make the perfect choice of pairing?

Answer: Whiskey, cognac, and rum are the most preferred drink pairings with cigars.

Hey, cigar and whiskey lovers! It's Jack Cullum with tips on the best drinks to pair with your cigars.

Whiskey, cognac, rum—find your perfect match to elevate your smoking experience.

Plus, get the scoop on convenient cigar subscriptions for a steady supply of smoky pleasures. Cheers to great pairings!

Best Pairings With Cigars

The drinks that you can consume while smoking Cigars are- whiskey, cognac, rum, wine, beer, tequila, champagne, cocktails, coffee, tea, cola, Kahlua drinks, and even water.

Dark rum and Vintage Cognac pair delightfully with full-bodied cigars, offering a blend of sweetness and complexity.

the aroma of the premium cigars mingling with the nuanced flavors of the whiskey makes the best pairings.

Spicy rums perfectly complement strong cigars, creating a memorable combination.

Heavy-bodied wines like Bordeaux or sweet port wine are good with strong Nicaraguan cigars for pairing cigars.

White wines like Chardonnay or Riesling go well with milder, light-bodied cigars from the Dominican Republic.

Champagne pairs beautifully with mild cigars, adding effervescence to cigar pairing.

Light beers suit light to medium-bodied cigars, while dark beers pair well with stronger, aromatic cigars.

Highland single malts match full-bodied cigars, while Irish whiskey pairs with medium-bodied cigars.

Scotch creates indulgent pairings with strong-flavored cigars.

Tequila and mezcal surprise when paired with mild cigars, especially pure tequila añejo without additions.

Cocktails offer creative pairings, like Manhattan or Sazerac, and an old-fashioned with subtle orange notes.

Black coffee suits light-bodied cigars, while green tea and oolong tea complement delicate cigars.

Water refreshes the palate and allows pure cigar flavors to shine through for cigar smokers.

What are The Best Whiskey Pairings for Cigars?

The Best Whiskey pairings for Cigars are listed below:

The image depicts a tastefully arranged setup for a whiskey pairing with cigars.
  • Woodford Reserve Double-Oaked Bourbon
  • Eagle Rare
  • Russell's Reserve 10 Year
  • Speyburn 15 Year
  • Redbreast 12 Year
  • Ardbeg An Oa

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon is a rich and sweet bourbon aged in two different types of oak barrels.

Its layers of brown sugar and toffee notes create a delightful harmony with a good cigar, adding sophistication to any occasion.

Eagle Rare, a highly sought-after bourbon, offers a unique flavor profile filled with sweet cream and light oak notes.

This makes it an ideal pairing for light to medium cigars, showcasing its exceptional quality.

Russell's Reserve 10 Year may appear unassuming, but this bourbon surprises with its complexity and well-rounded flavor.

With a focus on oak and a robust, full-bodied profile, it perfectly complements heavier, full-bodied cigars.

For those who enjoy scotch, Speyburn 15 Year is a rising star. Its well-rounded flavor profile features hints of honey, oak, and citrus, making it a versatile scotch that pairs wonderfully with cigars.

Redbreast 12 Year, an Irish whiskey, stands out with its light and sweet notes of fruit and oak. Do you know what 12 years stands for?

When a bottle of Scotch whisky displays an age statement such as "12 Years Old," it indicates that the youngest whisky stored in it has aged for a minimum of 12 years.

This popular choice pairs well with cigars, particularly Cubans and Nicaraguan smokes, and let me be clear, Cuban cigars do not contain marijuana

Redbreast 12 Year and cigar pair enhances the flavors of both the whiskey and the cigar, creating a sensory experience that is truly unmatched.

Celebrities like Andrew Tate look for the best pairings with smoke-filled indulgence to engage with like-minded enthusiasts.

Finally, Ardbeg An Oa, a non-chill-filtered single malt Scotch whisky, offers a smooth and creamy texture with unique flavors like cigar smoke, milk chocolate, and grilled artichokes.

It provides a memorable experience when enjoyed alongside a fine cigar.

What to Drink with Cigars- Specifically Cohiba or Cuban Cigar?

Following are the best drinks to drink with Cohiba or Cuban Cigar:

The amazing combo of Cohiba and Single Malt Whisky.
  • Cognac

  • Single malt whiskey

  • Bourbon

  • Rum

  • Rye

  • Anisette

  • Port

  • Dark IPA

  • Stout

  • Espresso

  • Gourmet coffee

With its refined and complex character, Cognac complements the rich and nuanced flavors of the Cohiba.

The smoothness of single malt whiskey or the boldness of bourbon can elevate the smoking experience, providing a delightful interplay of flavors.

Rum, with its distinct sweetness and depth, creates a beautiful balance when enjoyed alongside a Cohiba cigar.

Rye, known for its spicy notes, adds a unique dimension to the pairing, enhancing overall enjoyment.

Anisette, with its anise-flavored liqueur, provides an intriguing contrast that can captivate the palate.

Port is an excellent choice to pair with Cohiba or Cuban Cigars. Its rich and sweet characteristics harmonize with the complex flavors of the Cohiba, creating a memorable combination.

Dark IPAs and stouts can pair with a Cohiba cigar. With their toasty malt and chocolaty character, these beers create a delightful interplay of flavors that truly pop.

If you prefer to go the non-alcoholic drinks route, a good cup of espresso or any gourmet or Irish coffee drink can be a delightful companion to a Cohiba luxury cigar.

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What are the Drinks to Combat Cigar Breath?

To combat cigar breath, you can drink the following while smoking a cigar:

Seltzer and tonic water helps to take away the cigar breath.
  • Seltzer and tonic water

  • Vodka or gin

  • Citrusy cocktails featuring orange, lemon, and lime

These options work wonders in cleansing the palate and combating cigar breath.

Seltzer and tonic water act as palate cleansers, washing away lingering flavors and refreshing the mouth.

Vodka or gin and tonic help in fighting cigar breath, as the crispness of the carbonated beverage complements the smoking experience.

Citrusy cocktails are another great drink option to combat cigar breath, as their natural acidity and vibrant flavors of orange, lemon, and lime work wonders in revitalizing the palate, providing a refreshing sensation, and neutralizing and cleansing the mouth, leaving a pleasant aftertaste for your taste buds.


In conclusion, when it comes to what you can drink with cigars, the options are as diverse as the flavors of the cigars themselves.

From the rich and refined notes of cognac and single malt whiskey to the boldness of rum and bourbon, there is a drink to suit every palate, if you pair cigars with them.

Wine and beer enthusiasts can explore the world of cigar pairings, while coffee and tea lovers can indulge in aromatic experiences for cigar pairings.

Cocktails add a touch of creativity, while water stands as a purist's choice.

Whether you're enjoying a Cohiba cigar or savoring the flavors of the best Cuban cigar brands delight, the right drink can elevate the experience to new heights.

So, raise your glass, take a sip, and let the harmonious dance of flavors unfold, enhancing your cigar enjoyment with every sip.


What Is The Best Drink For Smoking A Cigar?

The best drinks for smoking a cigar include cognac, whiskey, rum, and wine, each enhancing the flavors and experience in their unique way.

Is Coke Good With A Cigar?

Coke can be enjoyed with a cigar, but it may not provide the same level of flavor complementarity as other drink options like whiskey or rum.

Do You Drink Whiskey With Cigars?

Yes, whiskey is a popular choice to pair with cigars, enhancing the experience with its rich and complex flavors.

Can You Drink Tea With A Cigar?

Yes, tea can be paired with cigars. The black tea complements robust cigars, and the green tea enhances the flavors of milder cigars.

Can I Drink Coffee While Smoking A Cigar?

Yes, coffee can be enjoyed while smoking a cigar, as it adds a rich and aromatic element to the overall experience.

Do Cigars Go With Beer?

Yes, cigars can be enjoyed with beer. However, pairing options varies based on the strength and flavor profile of both the cigar and the beer.

Is Smoking A Cigar Worse Than Drinking?

Comparing smoking cigars and drinking is subjective and depends on personal health factors, but both activities should be enjoyed responsibly.

Can You Drink Rum With Cigars?

Yes, rum is a popular choice for pairing cigars, with its sweetness and depth enhancing the flavors of the smoke.

Can You Drink Vodka With A Cigar?

Yes, vodka can be enjoyed with a cigar, but it may not provide as much flavor complexity as other spirit options like whiskey or rum.

Can You Drink Water While Smoking A Cigar?

Water is a suitable option to drink while smoking a cigar, helping to cleanse the palate and hydrate without interfering with the cigar's flavors.

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