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Hey there, fellow cigar enthusiasts! Jack Cullum here, and I'm excited to share my thoughts on the incredible offerings from

Get ready for an in-depth review that dives into their monthly featured cigars, exploring their themes and flavors.

So sit back, relax, and join me on this journey through the delightful world of!

My father used to smoke cigars, which is where I learned how to enjoy them over the years.

I still have a few unopened boxes that he never got around to smoking before he died.

Cigar of the Month Club lets me add to my own collection by sending one or a few cigars each month.

Sometimes, I just keep them in their wrappers and display them on a shelf so that I can admire the beauty of how they are wrapped.

The ones that aren't decorated or that don't smell as good as others are opened and enjoyed.


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When you sign up for the club, you're going to get quite a few benefits that will make you want to go back and order even more cigars and even a few selections from the online store.

You only need to pay about $30 a month in order to receive the cigars that are selected for members.

A captivating image displaying a diverse assortment of meticulously crafted cigars, enticing both novice and seasoned enthusiasts with its rich flavors and impeccable quality.

You're going to get five cigars each month.

There is an option to upgrade to get 10 cigars, but you do have to pay a little more to receive them.

The cigars that you get have an exceptional flavor and are delightful to smell.

Sometimes, I can smell them before I even open the box.

A newsletter arrives in your email or in the box that you get each month.

This simply gives you a better idea about the club and what you can expect.

It details some of the flavors that are used in cigars and some of the best ones that can be paired with beverages or meals.

As a member of the club, you'll receive a 10% discount on purchases that are made.

You'll also be able to decide how long you want to be a member of the club as you can opt-out at any time.

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A vibrant image showcasing a cigar club, where aficionados gather to indulge in the camaraderie and shared passion for fine cigars, creating unforgettable moments.

It's easy to sign up with the club to receive the benefits that are offered.

It's even easier to understand why the club cares so much about customers.

It wants to provide a pleasant experience for those who haven't tried cigars or those who are enthusiasts about the product.

The club sends just enough cigars in your box so that you can sample them in order to make a decision as to whether or not you want to buy more.

That sounds like an interesting subscription service! Getting a featured cigar each month can be a great way to explore different flavors and themes within the world of cigars.

Whether they are affordable or expensive, the common theme and similar flavors of the cigars can provide a cohesive experience for enthusiasts.

The featured cigar is usually of a special blend, but it can be a well-known flavor that you might not have access to in the area where you live.

You'll receive two cigars that are recommended from the company as well as two cigars that are considered everyday smokes.

These are your average cigars that aren't too expensive but that offer the high quality that you expect from the product.

Types of Boxes

An elegant image capturing a cigar box, exuding sophistication and allure with its meticulously crafted design and promise of exquisite cigar delights.

There are a few different types of boxes that you can receive during the year.

I've received warm flavors in the winter and those that are a bit spicy in the summer months. 

It all depends on the theme for the month that the box is sent as to what you're going to get. 

The company tries to use unique themes so that you do get something unique.

An example of the type of box that you could get would be the Summer of Celebration.

It features cigars that have been aged and that have the smoky flavors that you enjoy.

Most of the cigars in the box are known for their celebratory qualities, such as anniversary editions.


jack's top picks

of the best

We recommend our Editor's Pick for #1 Best Cigar Subscription Box, Rare Cigar Club.

Discover premium rare hand rolled cigars from all over the world. Save up to $30!


There are several promotions that Cigar of the Month Club offers.

These promotions usually change from one month to the next, so if you're planning to order a box, then you should consider waiting until you see all of the deals before making a decision about what to order.

You can enter sweepstakes each month for a chance to win free cigars and merchandise from the company.

A fun promotion is for five free cigars and a lighter.

Don't think that the lighter is one that you would get at a gas station. 

Instead, it's one that's of high quality and that will last for several months.

There is a deal of the week that includes a special selection that is hand-picked by one of the employees.

Expert picks are also available.

These are selections that are made by some of the creators of the cigars that are included in the boxes that you receive.

An option is available for you to pick three cigars that you want.

The Perfect 10 Sampler includes some of the top cigars that the club has available.

These cigars have the best flavors, the best aromas, and are wrapped in designs that are intriguing and beautiful.

Everyone Loves Free!

Who doesn't like to get free items? Monthly Clubs for Cigars like Privada ensures that there are always free items that you can choose from each month.

It could be something as simple as a lighter or a gift as extravagant as a $25 discount on your purchase.

You never know what promotions and free items will be available, so you keep checking back throughout the week and the month if you want in on the goodies.

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What's The Verdict

I've never had an issue with this company, and the customer service is exceptional.

You're going to get a cigar that you enjoy every month, perhaps some that change your perspective of the product.

Get your first cigar box in a short time after you join the Cigar of the Month Club by visiting the website today.


  • Free treats
  • Merchandise aside from cigars
  • Some of the best brands on the market


  • Could include a few more cigars in the boxes
  • Speed of delivery could be improved

jack's top picks

of the best

We recommend our Editor's Pick for #1 Best Cigar Subscription Box, Rare Cigar Club.

Discover premium rare hand rolled cigars from all over the world. Save up to $30!

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