9 Best Cheap Cigars Under $5 (And Where To Buy Them Online)


Here is an assortment of best cheap cigars, offering a budget-friendly option for cigar enthusiasts.

Dive into the world of top affordable cigars!

We're exploring cigars that blend quality with value, offering a flavorful experience without breaking the bank.

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While they may not match the taste of pricier options, many cheap cigars come close, potentially becoming your new favorite.

Plus, you'll save money.

The best cigars for your wallet typically range from $1 to $10 each, a reasonable spend unless you're splurging for a special occasion or prefer luxury smokes.

Best Cheap Cigars 

#1 Gran Habano No. 1 (Best Under 5$)

gran habano number 1

(Rated "90 points" by Cigar Aficionado)

Get a box of 40 for only $4.36 each cigar! 

Not only do you get the best cigars for the money, a rich experience is delivered as soon as you light this cigar.

This mild to medium strength stogie features Nicaraguan tobaccos and is surrounded by an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.

Do you know that approximately 40% of the total production consists of cigars meticulously crafted with Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper leaves?

All of these details come together for cigar smokers as well as for people who sell cigarettes to give a beautiful cigar that's full of flavor notes that are a combination of herbal and sweet. 

The 40 count pack great to hand out for groomsmen, or special events.

#2 Oliva Reserve (Best Flavor)

Oliva Conn Lonsdale Review

Get 20 high-quality cigars for $4.65 each

Man the hits keep on comin'!

This one could've been our #1 , it was so close!

As you can read in the 5 star reviews, this cigar is one that is full of flavor.

Oliva's Reverve is not expensive as other comparable cigars on the market.

But you're going to get excellent construction, smooth long burns, some delicate notes that are buttery, sweet and creamy, similar to what a shortbread cookie might taste like.

The cigar's delightful nature ensures a pleasurable experience throughout the day, irrespective of the hour.

With its gentle, sweet undertones and compact size accompanied by a medium-bodied smoke, it becomes the perfect choice for newcomers venturing into the realm of cigars.

For those curious minds pondering the presence of marijuana within these cigars, rest assured, such worries need not occupy your thoughts.

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#3 Macanudo Cafe Ascot (Most Affordable)

Manacudo Cafe Ascot

Get a box of 100 for a mind blowingly low $1.55 per cigar!

I know what you're thinking, "they can't be that good then right?" 


Hailing from the Dominican Republic again, this highly touted smoke receives glowing 5 star reviews.

If you don't like strong cigars, then this is an option to consider as it has creamy notes.

These are sweet cigars for beginners or seasoned pros alike.

You could almost compare it to a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

So it's fantastic with a coffee or espresso.

The cigar is a bit shorter than others, making it a good option for when you don't have a lot of time to smoke but want that soothing flavor to satisfy your craving.

#4 Occidental Reserve (Best Value)

Occidental Reserve Connecticut

Get a bundle of 20 for value busting $2.85 each!

The darker cigar is one that delivers a smooth flavor that can be enjoyed during almost any event or with any activity.

With a Dominican filler and binder from Connecticut as well as a wrapper from the same area, you'll discover that there are quite a few flavor notes that don't seem like they would pair well together.

The first notes that you'll notice taste like a piece of buttered toast followed by sweet notes of cherries and mint.

There are also a few hints of pepper sprinkled in the mix to give just enough spice to blend with the cherry flavor.

This is a general cigar that's affordable and that's an ideal size to enjoy while you're winding down at the end of the day.

#5. Arturo Fuente 858 Maduro

Arturo Fuente 858 Maduro

Get 25 premium cigars for $5.19 each.

Another cigar from the Dominican Republic, this one is a bit more elegant while still being easy on your wallet.

There's a nice balance of flavors ranging from those that have herbal notes to those that are earthy with everything surrounded by a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that's light in color.

You might notice a few notes of cedar while drawing on the cigar, making this a good option to enjoy after dinner when you're sipping on a glass of wine.

#6 La Gloria Cubana Series R #6

La Gloria Cubana Series R #6

Rated: 89

Get 25 hand rolled cigars for $5.40 each.

The Madura wrapper is colorful with green, red, and white and aids in wrapping the Dominican Republic filler with dark brown paper.

Most of them are Nicaraguan filler binder, giving only a few flavor notes.

However, these flavors pack a punch that's sweet and earthy.

The filler is a bit darker than other cigars brands and feels a bit oily to the touch, but this doesn't impact the way that the cigar is lit or enjoyed.

#7 Flor De Las Antillas

flor de las antillas belicoso

Get a box of premium cigars for $6.72 each.

This is quite possibly the best option when you're looking to save money on cigars.

It's a longer cigar, giving you plenty of time to smoke it while talking with your friends or even if you like enjoying a cigar after dinner with dessert or a drink.

Only premium tobacco taken from seeds grown in Cuba is used in the cigar with the filler wrapped in a Nicaraguan binder or Nicaraguan Habano wrapper that's light brown in color, which is a classic appearance for a cigar.

There's a leathery taste when drawing on the cigar, giving you a smooth experience that you want to repeat over and over.

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#8 Romeo Y Julieta


Get 20 premium brand cigars for $6.92 each.

Probably the best known brand on the list, Romeo Y Julieta has a long and distinguished Cuban Heritage.

This classic combination of Dominican fillers as well as Olor binders delivers the rich flavors that you notice from the first draw.

The Dominican wrapper is an exotic Java design that's light brown and can be compared to a cup of coffee.

It offers a creamy smoke.

Mild flavors are enjoyable with prominent notes of oak, cedar, and nuts.

There are also a few spicy notes that combine well with the other flavors so that there isn't too much of one thing to be overpowering.

The longer design allows for being able to draw on the cigar throughout the day if you want to take your time enjoying the flavors.

#9 Buffalo Ten

Buffalo Ten Review

This is a cheap cigar that's made in the Dominican Republic and is fairly new to the list of affordable cigars.

You'll spend about $4 for a cigar. 

Featuring pressed toro beautifully enhanced by a Maduro wrapper, there are filler tobaccos that combine with the products from the Dominican that are from Colombia and Nicaragua.

All of these ingredients come together to give a mild taste that's has a few sweet notes for cigar smokers.

Are Cheap Cigars Worth It?

Yes, they are worth it.

While you might not get the extravagant fillers and wrappers that expensive Cuban cigars offer, you can find cheap cigars that deliver similar flavors that are delightful to enjoy.

There's a nice range of sizes to choose from as well as flavors in these tobacco related products to suit almost every taste and occasion, and you won't have to worry about how you're going to afford the other luxuries in life since most cheap cigars are around $5 each.

What Are The Best Cigars For The Money?

Without a doubt the best cigars for the money are the Gran Habano No. 1. Check em out!

If are a beginner and like a cigar with a sweet taste try the 5 star Macanudo!

Enjoy an affordably smooth smoke today.

- Jack

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