Best Tabletop Lighters To Light Up Your Cigar


Enjoying a cigar by yourself can be quite a relaxing experience, especially after a long day.

However, laughing and socializing with friends and family while smelling the aroma of cigars can also be a pleasant activity.

In order to accommodate everyone who's smoking, you want to look into table lighters. Such table lighter is usually stationary instead of one that's carried around.

While they are often kept on tables in your home, table lighters can also be used in restaurants, bars, and other businesses when there are several people smoking at one time.

A table lighter typically has multiple flames to allow for a fast lighting of cigars since there are usually more people using the lighter at one time.

The Best Table Lighters:

Here is our list of the best lighters for the tabletop for cigar lovers.

1. ALEC Bradley The Burner Lighter Chrome

Alec Bradley Table Lighter Review

The unique design of this large table lighter tends to set it apart from others that are on the market as it resembles a teapot with a handle on one side and a burner on the other.

You can easily adjust the flame on table lighters so that you're in control of how quickly you want to light your cigar or depending on the size of the cigar you're lighting.

All it takes is a simple push of a button on the table lighter before you sit back and relax to enjoy your favorite cigar for the evening.

2. Xikar Volta Quad Lighter

Xikar Volta Quad Lighter

This small lighter packs a punch and is known for its long life.

Made of classy stainless steel and designed in a cylindrical modern shape, this torch lighter offers comfort and is easy to carry.

A button on the side of the lighter is pressed to ignite.

3. Mantello Flame Table-Top Lighter

Mantello Flame Table-Top Lighter

This is another large table lighter that has a unique design that is similar to a pot.

The burner is located on the top of the lighter and features a flame that can get a bit high. 

A shiny chrome base is filled with petroleum gas and has the capacity to light about 1,000 cigars, which means that you can enjoy several evenings with your friends before the gas needs to be refilled.

The large circular design of the torch lights cigars almost instantly with no need to turn your cigar around to get the best result.

4. Honest Quad Torch Table Lighters

Honest Quad Torch Table Lighters

The red wood grain appearance of such table lighters offer an elegant appearance.

It's a bit larger than other tabletop lighters, which allows several people to easily enjoy smoking at one time due to more space in the tank for fuel.

The quad flame is red in color and can be adjusted with a controller located on the base of the lighter.

Since table lighters comes in a beautiful gift box, this would be an ideal option for the cigar lover in your life.

5. Honest Quad Torch Table Lighter Butane

Honest Quad Torch Lighter Butane Cigar Punch

With a simple design and leather material, this table lighter has a sleek look when it's sitting on one of your tables.

The quad flame has a bit of power behind it and is windproof due to having multiple flames.

Simply depress the button on top of the table lighters to smoke your favorite cigar or cigarette.

The table lighter also features a punch attachment to keep the end of your cigars as smooth as possible.

It is made up of leather and high quality zinc alloy.

6. COLIBROX Wolf Refillable Butane Lighters

COLIBROX Wolf Refillable Butane Lighters

If you're looking for a unique design, then this is the table lighter that you want to consider.

In the shape of a wolf, you'll depress the tail to ignite the flame that comes from his mouth.

The wolf sits on top of a rock design that descends to an ashtray to keep your table clean while you're smoking.

You may order this table lighter from a category shop online and get free shipping easily.

What Is A Table Lighter? Does It Have A Particular Shape Or Size?

Unique Vintage Fox Shaped Table Lighter

When you think of a table lighter, think of a device that can be placed in the center of a table, similar to a decoration.

They have been used since the early 1900s but became popular in the 1950s. 

They are often seen in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors, which also sets them apart from traditional lighters.

How Do You Use the Tabletop Lighters?

VintageTabletop Lighter

Before using a tabletop lighter, you need to make sure it has butane gas instead of lighter fluid as this is what most products of this kind need.

Use the controller on the lighter to adjust the flame so that it's at a height that allows for the best light possible. 

You want to consider the number of people who will be using the table lighter as you might want a higher flame if more people will be using it at one time since larger flames tend to cover a surface faster than a smaller one. 

There's no need to move the vintage table lighters around since it's primarily designed to sit in one place.

However, you may try to position the lighters so that it's in a central location to prevent rotating your cigar.

Are Novelty Lighters Illegal? Is It Banned?

Sword Shaped Novelty Lighter

There is no national ban on novelty lighters that are sold in the United States.

Keep in mind that many businesses won't sell them to people under the age of 18 or 21 due to them being associated with tobacco products. 

While there's not a national ban on these lighters, there are almost two dozen states where the sale of them is illegal.

Some of the states included have legislation that's pending to prevent the sale of the table lighter.

These states include Maine, Texas, Virginia, and California.

One of the reasons why these lighters are illegal is because of their toy-like appearance. 

They also tend to have higher and more flames than a traditional lighter.

Are Old Lighters Worth The Price You Pay?

Coffee Table Top Lighter Shaped Like A Genie Lamp

The plastic lighters that you tend to see in gas stations and many retail stores usually aren't worth anything.

However, if you come across a vintage table lighters design or a table lighter that has a unique design, then you might want to keep it for a while as it could be worth money. 

Lighters that are made of gold or silver are usually worth a bit more than those made of other materials.

Try to look for any specific marks or numbers on the  lighter as these details can usually set it apart from others.

Final Conclusion 

When you want to sit back and light a cigar with a few friends, you don't want to have to position yourself so that you feel as though you're passing along a torch to each person.

Just place your order in a category shop to avail free shipping.

A table lighter offers a higher flame from a sturdy device that allows you to easily light your cigar with the flick of a button.

With the primarily designed table lighters that are available, you can usually find lighters that suit your personality.


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Alec Bradley Table Lighter Review

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