Why Do Rich People Play Golf? Golf's Popularity Among Wealthy Individuals

A man with good amount of money playing golf at the golf course.

Hey there, I'm Jack Cullum, and today we're going to dive into a fascinating question: Why do rich people play golf?

As someone who loves to golf, I've often wondered "Why do rich people play golf?" After all, it's a game that anyone can play, regardless of their social status or income level.

And yet, when you look at the most popular golf courses and clubs, it's clear that golf is a hobby that's favored by the wealthy.

There are a few reasons why rich people play golf and also subscribe to a golf monthly box. Let's dig in!

Why Do Rich People Play Golf - Overview

For starters, golf can be an expensive hobby, with the cost of equipment, green fees, and membership fees adding up quickly.

Additionally, the golf course is often exclusive, with private golf clubs and courses catering to the wealthy and affluent.

But there's more to it than just the cost.

Golf has become a symbol of status and success among the wealthy, with many people associating the sport with high-class social circles and exclusive country clubs.

The emerald green fairways contrast beautifully with the blue sky and are meticulously maintained in this exclusive Country Club.

And for business people, golf offers an opportunity to rub elbows with like-minded individuals and conduct business deals in a relaxed setting.

But don't be mistaken - golf isn't just for the wealthy. There are plenty of public courses and used clubs available for the average golfer to enjoy.

And regardless of your social status or income level, there's no denying that golf is a great game that can provide a perfect setting for spending time with friends and loved ones, staying active, and enjoying the fresh air.

So, whether you're a seasoned golf player or just starting to explore the sport and the cool gadgets related to it, there's no denying that golf has something to offer for everyone.

In the following sections, we'll explore in more detail the various factors that contribute to golf's popularity among the wealthy and why it's become such a beloved sport for so many rich people.

Why Is Golf Expensive?

If you've ever taken up golf as a hobby, you know that it can be an expensive one.

From the cost of equipment to the fees associated with playing golf at the golf course, golf can quickly become a costly pastime.

But why is golf so expensive? Let's explore a few reasons.

Courses and Maintenance

One of the primary reasons why golf is expensive is due to the cost of courses and maintenance.

The golf course is often located on the outskirts of the city, requiring a large area of land for proper play.

The maintenance of these courses also requires significant investment, from the upkeep of the luscious green grass to the construction of intricate water features and sand traps.

All of this is reflected in the fees charged by golf courses and golf clubs.


The shiny metal heads of the clubs glimmer in the sunlight and such is the beauty of the Golf equipment.

Another reason why golf can be expensive is due to the cost of equipment. Golf requires a lot of gear, from the golf club and driver to balls, clothing, bag, and more.

Golf clubs, in particular, can be quite pricey, with high-quality materials and extensive R&D going into their products to ensure consistent play and prevent injury.

However, the durable nature of the golf club means they can last for years, making the cost per use much more reasonable over time.


Perhaps the most significant reason why golf is seen as an expensive sport is due to perception.

Golf has long been associated with the wealthy and affluent, with many business people and high-level politicians using the sport as a way to conduct business deals and network with colleagues.

However, this perception is not entirely accurate - golf is a sport that anyone can play, regardless of their income level.

With the rising popularity of the sport in recent years, this perception is gradually shifting.

Why Are Golf Courses Green Fees So High?

If you've ever looked at the cost of playing golf at a high-end course, you might have wondered why green fees can be so high.

There are a few factors that contribute to this, which we'll explore in this section.

Golf Course Quality and Maintenance

One of the most significant factors affecting green fees is the quality of the course and the cost of maintenance.

A course that's designed with intricate water features, sand traps, and manicured greens requires significant investment to build and maintain.

A serene and luxurious water, sand, and green bodies of the golf course well maintained.

As such, courses that are of higher quality and offer a better overall experience tend to have higher fees.

Additionally, the cost of maintenance for these courses is ongoing, with staff working tirelessly to keep the course in top condition.

These costs are passed on to the golfers in the form of higher green fees.

However, it's important to note that owning and maintaining a golf course is not typically a profitable endeavor.

Margins on even the nicest daily fee courses are often razor thin, with the bulk of the revenue going toward staff and maintenance.

Ownership and Management

Another factor that affects green fees is the ownership and management of the course.

Courses that are owned by private individuals or companies can set their rates based on what they want to profit from and the cost of maintenance.

On the other hand, courses that are owned by the city, county, or state are often taxpayer-funded, meaning that the rates can be more reasonable.

Additionally, resort courses often have higher green fees due to the theory that if you can afford to stay at a high-end resort, you don't mind paying extra for golf.

However, there are exceptions, such as Sandestin Resort in Miramar Beach, FL, which allows outside play on some courses for a reasonable fee.

Location and Accessibility

Lastly, the location and accessibility of the course can also impact green fees. Despite the fees, surveys show that 25.6 million Americans used the golf course to play golf in 2022.

Bethpage's Black course shows the golfer at the scenic backdrop of towering trees, huge crowd, and rolling fairways.

For example, Bethpage's Black course, which has hosted several major tournaments, offers relatively low green fees due to the support it receives from the county and state.

Courses located in remote or exclusive areas may have higher fees due to their limited accessibility and demand from golfers.

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Why Is Golf a Rich Man's Sport?

Golf has long been associated with wealthy people, leading many to believe that it's a sport reserved only for rich people.

But why is this the case? Let's explore a few reasons.

Cost of Entry

One of the most significant reasons why golf is seen as a sport for rich people is the cost of entry.

Golf requires a lot of gear, from golf clubs and drivers to balls, clothing, bags, and more.

Additionally, playing golf at high-end golf courses can be expensive, with many requiring membership fees or high green fees.

This cost of entry can be prohibitive for many lower-income individuals, leading to the perception that golf is only for wealthy people.

Networking Opportunities

Three golfers shaking hand and engaged in a conversation near the clubhouse.

Another reason why golf is seen as a sport for rich people is due to the networking opportunities it presents.

Many business people and high-level politicians use golf as a way to conduct business deals and network with colleagues.

This association with the business world further cements the perception of golf as a sport for wealthy people and the elite.

History and Tradition

Golf has a long and storied history, with many prestigious courses and tournaments being associated with wealthy people.

This history and tradition have contributed to the perception that golf is a sport for powerful and rich people, with many seeing it as a status symbol.

Why Do Business People Play Golf?

One of the primary reasons why business people play golf is the huge potential for networking.

Golf provides players with a vast opportunity to build a substantial network of friends and business contacts.

Businessmen often refer to this as "golf networking," and it's a great way to get to know more people and expand your business prospects.

You can meet other golfers and foster new relationships based on golf through apps like Deemples.

Apart from building business contacts, playing golf is an excellent way to grow your circle of friends.

The friendships built around golf tend to last for life, and new opportunities will open up for you as people move around.

Plus, golf provides a unique opportunity for solid quality time with valued clients, which can be hard to come by in today’s hectic schedules.

There's no other sport from all the other sports with a significant amount of quiet time between shots that allow for wide-ranging conversations and common interests to be discovered.

For business people, this is gold that is not found in other sports.

The sport of golf also provides a relaxing setting to conduct business.

Instead of being surrounded by four white walls, you can plan a meeting in the middle of being surrounded by nature, water, and sand.

This instantly creates a more relaxed and friendly environment in which to do business.

Another reason why golf is a preferred sport for business people is that it provides a character preview of the person you're playing golf with. Not just business people, golf is a preferred sport among juniors as well.

You can learn a lot more about a person in four hours of golfing than in a lifetime of meetings.

You can learn from what they say, how they handle themselves on the course, whether they play by the rules, and how they manage their emotions. Golf offers so much that other sports don't.

All these can provide valuable insights into the character of the person you want to play golf with.

Golfing environment provides a relaxed and informal setting for building relationships.

Golf is also an inclusive sport that suits both women and men of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

Thanks to the handicap system, people of widely different abilities can play together and still compete.

So the 60-something CEO can still beat his 30-something prospect or employee, while the 30-something executive can look forward to decades of on-course meetings and deals.

And let's not forget the health benefits of playing golf.

Most golf courses are usually long and require a lot of walking, providing a very healthy combination of walking muscular activity, and social interaction.

On top of the physical benefits, golf can improve self-esteem and confidence and reduce stress levels.


So there you have it, folks! Golf may seem like an expensive and exclusive sport, but it offers a plethora of benefits, especially for business people to play golf.

The opportunities for networking, building relationships, and conducting business in a relaxed and enjoyable setting are simply unparalleled.

Moreover, golf offers a great deal of health and mental benefits that can improve your well-being and work productivity.

But let us not forget that golf is not just for the elite.

With more public and municipal courses available, golf is becoming increasingly accessible to everyone.

And with the help of technology and platforms like Deemples, finding a golf partner or a game has never been easier.

So if you're in business or just looking for a new hobby, consider taking up golf. Who knows?

You might just find that your golf skills can help you in your professional life as well.

Remember to always enjoy the game and have fun on the course. After all, golf is not just a sport, it's a lifestyle.

- Jack


Do you have to be rich to be a golfer?

No, you don't have to be one of the rich people to be a golfer. While golf can be an expensive sport to play, there are options available for players on a budget, such as public courses, driving ranges, and discounted tee times.

Is golf an elite sport?

Golf has a reputation for being an elite sport, but it is accessible to anyone who wants to play. While some golf courses and country golf clubs cater to an upscale clientele, there are also plenty of public courses and driving ranges that offer affordable rates for players of all backgrounds.

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