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lucky tale box review

Fishing is one of my favorite pass times.

It's a great way to bond with loved ones and experience the great outdoors.

You get to relax, explore nature, trade techniques, have conversations, and even catch yourself something to eat.

All this and many more things are why I love fishing so much.

Fishing wasn't always the best though, have you ever felt like you are sitting out there for hours with no idea what you're doing?

Sure we can chalk it up to an 'off-day' but how many of those can you really get?

I did some research and stumbled across Lucky Tackle Box and ever since I did my fishing career has changed for the better.

What is Lucky Tackle Box?

Lucky Tackle Box is a monthly fishing bait and tackle subscription service.

You choose which subscription you want and every month you will receive some of the current best lures and tackle.

As a bonus, you will also get videos you can watch on how to use the lures and tackle you receive.

They will teach you some various techniques and skills that you can try out on your next fishing trip. 

What Are the Subscription Tiers?


First and foremost is the regular tier.

This tier will provide you with 5 amazing baits for whichever box selection you choose.

The 3 selections you can choose from include bass, crappie/panfish/trout, or ice fishing.

This tier will only cost you $16.99 a month and holds around a $25 value.


The second tier available to you is the XL tier.

This tier provides you with 7 amazing baits for whichever selection you chose.

This tier also has different selections than the regular tier.

The selections for XL include Bass, Saltwater, Multi-Species, Walleye, and Fly.

This tier is $26.99 a month and is valued at around $40.

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The third and final tier is the tournament tier.

This is the largest option available offering a whopping 13-16 high-quality baits.

This tier only has 2 selections to choose from including Bass Tournament and Multi-Species Tournament.

This tier will cost you $46 a month and is valued at around $85.

As if these tiers didn't have enough value already they also all have free shipping, instruction videos, and brand named products.

I subscribed to the XL box and got the walleye selection.

Walleye are some of my favorite fish to catch not only for the taste but also for the challenge.

After I got my first lucky tackle box I got some of my buddies together and we went to one of our frequent spots.

I took the liberty of watching some of the instructional videos before we went out and it paid off.

That night I was able to pull in 3 walleyes, one of them was 27 inches!

Pros and Cons

Because the tiers are so varied I will first go over my pros and cons for Lucky Tackle Box as a whole followed by the pros and cons for each of the tiers.

Regular Tier


  • Most Affordable Option
  • 3 Different Selections
  • Good Variety of Species in Selection


  • Good Variety of Species in Selection

XL Tier


  • Great Value
  • Good Amount of Tackle And Bait
  • Wide Selection


  • Most Popular Item So Some Selections Could Get Sold Out Easier



  • Most Bait And Lures
  • Best Value For The Price


  • Small Selection (Only 2 Options)
  • Highest Price

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Is Lucky Tackle Box Worth The Price?

In short, Lucky Tackle Box is absolutely worth the price.

Not only are you getting more than you pay for but you also get educational guides to help improve your fishing techniques.

If we look back to the tier descriptions you'll see that you are saving around $8 on the regular tier, $13 on the XL tier, and $39 on the tournament tier.

As if those savings weren't enough, you also get the priceless satisfaction of out fishing your friends.

Why I Subscribed To Lucky Tackle Box?

I subscribed to Lucky Tackle Box because I felt like I needed to up my game.

One of the main things that Lucky Tackle Box taught me is that there is no miracle lure or bait and one of the best fishing strategies is to always try something new.

This is a lesson that saved me hours of time sitting out on the lake and catching nothing but weeds.

The new baits and lures teamed up with the instructional videos made it so I was actually catching fish and a lot of them at that.

It also made it so I now have all kinds of strategies and tricks to try out in different situations.

I became a much more knowledgable and crafty fisherman.

Why You Might Want Lucky Tackle Box

If you are anything like I was or feel like you could be doing something better Lucky Tackle Box may be great for you.

Not only do you learn new tricks and up your game but you get to try out even more things every single month.

Getting your fishing gear from Lucky Tackle Box saves you time, money, and frustration.

It helps keep fishing fresh and exciting every time you go out.

What's The Verdict

So to wrap up everything we talked about, Lucky Tackle Box is a subscription-based service that will send bait and tackle straight to your door.

You can get different categories of bait depending on which selection you choose and different amounts of baits depending on the tier you pick.

As an added bonus to all of these tiers, you are offered instructional videos that will help teach you new techniques with all the gear you received.

What are you doing still reading this?

Go check out Lucky Tackle Box and make your next fishing trip your best!


  • Name Brand Baits and Tackle
  • Free Shipping
  • No Commitments
  • Affordable
  • High Value
  • Instructional Videos


  • Randomized Items
  • Tiers Don't Have The Same Selections
  • Every Members Items Are Different
  • Could Receive Some Unwanted Items

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