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The Original Premium Cigar Club Subscription

Cigars can and should be serious business. I say this as someone who might not necessarily describe himself as a smoker, but rather as a cigar aficionado. There's so much at play with these fantastic little pieces of craft that you shouldn't just make yourself feel content with what you can find at the local gas station.

While I do take cigars pretty seriously, I do like to have fun. For me, though, a lot of that fun comes from trying new varieties. While there is definitely a profile that I tend to stick to, venturing out can be a really nice adventure. Doing so, though, usually requires a lot of effort.

I jumped on the Cigar of the Month Club because I thought it'd be a fun way to try out new cigars. What I found, however, might be something more. Don't just take my word for it - take a look at how the club works and what's in the box to make up your own mind.

What is It?

The first, and perhaps most important, thing to remember about this club is that it really is all about cigars. If you've ever had a subscription box before, you know that the vast majority of them are just filled with, for a lack of a better term, stuff. There's always a lot in the box that's really part of the main event, instead just a lot of filler.

Cigar of the Month Club is all about the cigars, full stop. There's really nothing else going on there, and that's a good thing. This isn't a company that's trying to sell your lifestyle apparel or that's trying to get you to use cool cigar accessories. For good for ill, this is a company that's trying to get you some new cigars and nothing more.

What's in the Box?

The first thing you'll need to understand about this box is that it is fairly small - if you look at a lot of other cigar club boxes, you're going to see many more items. Cigar of the Month Club cuts all of that out and just keeps the cigars, a move that's actually kind of nice.

If you sign up for the basic subscription level, your box will include five cigars and a bit of information about each. Each of the cigars included is from a boutique manufacturer, usually a company of which you have probably already heard. Beyond that, though, there's really no standard cigar - they vary by region of production, taste, shape, and general profile. It's really a bit of a mystery to see what you'll get each month.

The higher-level subscription gives you access to cigars that are a bit harder to come by. You only get four cigars in the more expensive box, but that's because each of these cigars comes from an incredibly well-respected manufacturer.

You're usually looking at super-premium brands here, the kind of cigars that you buy for special situations or that you hold back in your collection to show off. The higher-level subscription also provides the same level of detailed information as the lower-level subscription, which is great if you want to learn more about a given cigar.

That's it for what's in the box - no cutters, no bags, no advertisements for high-end humidors. It's a really simple service, but it's one that works. You can tell that the company is putting all its effort into giving subscribers a really good cigar experience, with no room for anything else.

That might be a bit of a disappointment for those who are more into 'cigar culture' than actual cigars, but it's great for subscribers who sign up just to try a few new interesting cigars each month.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Premium Cigar of the Month Club offers its subscribers two different price points. If you're looking at the Original Premium club level, you'll be paying $27.95 per month plus five dollars for shipping and handling. If you want to get access to the higher-end cigars, your price will jump up to $42.95 per month plus five dollars shipping and handling.

As always, there's a question of value when it comes to this kind of service. You definitely don't want to pay for more than you're getting, and this particular company seems to know that. They do have guaranteed minimum values for each cigar in the box. The Original Premium level cigars are worth six to twelve dollars per cigar, so you're getting a value of somewhere between thirty and sixty dollars per box.

The Rare Cigar Club costs more, but each individual cigar is worth a good bit more. The bare minimum here is twelve dollars per cigar, with a maximum of twenty-five dollars per cigar. That means each shipment is worth between forty-eight and one-hundred dollars each month.

What's The Verdict

If you are serious about your cigars, you'll fall in love with this box quickly. It's impossible to say if every box is going to wind up a winner for you, but you'll definitely get plenty of chances to try new cigars and to learn what you like. If you want a little more adventure in your smoking experience, this is your box.

Cigar of the Month Club is a fantastic throwback to some of the best mail-order clubs of the past. No filler, no attempts to sell you anything - just the great cigars you ordered at a fair price. IF you really just want some great cigars, you must try out this box.


  • Absolutely no filler
  • Two great options
  • Fantastic variety of cigars
  • Includes great information
  • Really solid value
  • Good presentation


  • Almost too focused
  • Limited number of brands
  • Might not fit every taste
  • No real extras

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